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Welcome to the Emily Cremona blog. Sustainability is becoming the loudest topic in fashion.

Since we have dedicated our brand to the creation of eco-friendly clothing, we found that we

could not resist sharing the scary and the inspiring facts, news, and trends shaping our industry.Why? Because the facts speak too loud. Even though awareness is shifting, the most important trends are accelerating in the wrong direction. For starters, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. At this pace, the fashion industry & greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50 % by 2030.

In 2010, my brand was successful in Lebanon. However with success came the realization that fast fashion was the source of far too much damage to our planet, our bodies, and our minds. When this truly dawned on me, I left the industry. Seven years later, after beginning the journey to heal myself, I realized that it was also time for Emily Cremona to begin its own healing journey with a new mission: reverse as many of the negative trends garnered by the fashion industry as possible. We are a slow fashion label. We create clothes if and only if it is having a positive impact on the world. We don’t stock clothes and we don’t follow seasonal or stylistic trends. Our designs only manifest as natural and sustainably grown and sourced garments produced in an ethical manner. This is the bare minimum in order for the designs themselves to work their magic. We create healers disguised as garments.

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