KAO•KA•BI [ كوكبي Arabic for “my planet”.  


Word origin KAO•KAB  [ كوكب ] a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star. 

Kao-Kabi evolved through the most minimal of sketches. Emily Cremona was drawn to unravel her design process, working with elemental, pure forms allayed of the many layers of our existence, and seeking out comfort, and harmony.


Kao-Kabi looks to free the soul in nature’s embrace, surrendering to the sensation of natural fibers - bamboo, hemp & pineapple - and sanctifying their grace and elevating touch.  


As a fashion creator, Emily Cremona looks to her surroundings to breathe their way into her inspirations. With this collection, she revisits the pasts and presents of familiar cultures, reimagining the abaya, sirwal, dishdasha, and bisht.


Kao-Kabi is an offering to the passing moment between the realms of dream and awakening; to dawn and the golden hour of cleansing, healing and truth.


Kao-Kabi emerges as a ray of lightness.

We are the stems of our planet.

Welcome to Kao-Kabi.