Upstate Wellness Retreat

September 24-27

Our wellness retreat includes a 3 night stay at Music Mountain on 18 acres of rolling flat land and hiking trails nestled in the Northern Catskills, daily yoga practice, internal martial arts warm ups, herbal workshops, a live music celebration of life, and deliciously nutritious home cooked meals* featuring a melange of seasonal, local and otherwise sustainably sourced produce accompanied by nourishing herbal infusions.

Featuring two 60 min yoga classes, two herbal 75 min workshops, two half hour martial warm up sessions, daily hikes, forest bathing a tea ceremony and a sumptuous live music serenade.

Everything from the activities to your stay to the food is synergistically presented to allow for your optimum whole-being health and thorough enjoyment.

*Inclusive of all dietary lifestyles, please specify restrictions on form.


Camping: $450-500

Shared: $700

Private Accommodation: $1300

Deposit*:$300 Venmo: @Diana-Wa or @joziibi

Included: Lodging, all practices & meals, Nourishing Herbal Infusions, healthy snacks.

Excluded: Transportation. We recommend the following:

-Trailways bus to Windham Mountain (average price $40)

-Shuttle from Windham to Music Mountain (9 mins)

Day Rate: $100 (classes plus lunch/dinner)

$150 for both Sat & Sun

Included: Workshops and Practices, Lunch and Dinner, Nourishing herbal infusions

Excluded: Transportation and Overnight Stay

For any inquiries please email:


Vegan, Vegetarian and Omnivorous options available*

At Music Mountain, we cherish all the gifts of the land, sea and sky.

All baked goods and cooked foods are vegetarian by default, vegans and omnivores need to identify themselves as such so butter and eggs can be omitted from an appropriate portion of the bakes and dishes and enough butter and local meat is available for omnivores to add to veg/vegan dishes!

Enjoy this sneak peak at one of the dinner and breakfast menus!

Dinner: Vegan Butternut Squash Soup or Deeply Rooted Chicken Soup, freshly baked Corn Bread, arugula and purple cabbage salad with optional toppings of apples, cranberries, goat cheese and walnuts)

Breakfast : Freshly Baked Oatmeal Biscuits, option for sautéed mushrooms or “fried” eggs, option for bacon or salmon, fresh seasonal fruit/veggie platter


Blue Room - Private ($700)

Comfy twin, gorgeous view of stone outlook from north facing window, plus serene view of the rolling flat and stars from east facing window.

Blue Room - Couple ($1300)

Comfy king sized bed.

Fully Booked

Sun Room - Shared

Enjoy a south facing solar room with 11 windows overlooking the neighboring pond and the Red River beyond it from your comfortable memory foam futon.

Fully Booked

Sky Loft Room - Shared

Enjoy a beautiful log cabin ceiling from your cozy murphy bed in our attic loft

shared room, optional room separator.

Fully Booked

Crowne Suite - Private ($600)

Full sized bed, east facing window with serene view of the garden and wildflowers.

Fully Booked

Rise & Shine - Private

King sized bed, serene view of the rolling flat and the surrounding mountains from east facing window, excellent for indoor stargazing.

Rise & Shine - Shared

2 comfy twins, optional room separator

Camping ($450)

Bring your own camping gear and nestle in one of 3 campsites with optional camp platform available for additional $50.

(1-2 person tent and gear available for $500)


An avid student of herbs and their ability to nourish, nurture and heal, Joelle (pictured left) has enjoyed both leading and attending herbal workshops from yoga studios in NYC and New Orleans to community based classes in public parks since 2013.

Joelle enjoys creating her own herbal skin care remedies for her brand Jotion and spends happy hours co-creating Aziza & the Cure’s 3rd full length album with her husband, fellow herbalist, yogi, musician and sound engineer, River Rouen (pictured right) who will be leading the calming internal practice of Qi Gong during the retreat.

Diana (pictured left) has been practicing & teaching yoga for over a decade in NYC, Texas, Beirut. Prior to the pandemic, she led various yoga & wellness retreats around the world. One her favorite journey’s was leading a yoga retreat in Egypt sailing down the Nile River. She absolutely loves hosting unique immersive experiences!

Patrick (pictured right) has been practicing Zen, tea and martial arts since 2009. He has studied in zen monasteries, tea sage huts and dojos around the world all in search of the illusive cup of perfect tea with friends.



11:30am shuttle from Windham (if taking the bus)

12-3p check in

5p Opening ceremony

6:30 Dinner


8:30am Hydration station

9:30 Breakfast

11:00 Qi Gong

11:30 Tea Ceremony

1:00pm Lunch

2.30 Herbal Workshop

4:30 Yoga

6:30 Dinner


8:30am Hydration station

9:30 Breakfast

11.00 MAWU

11:30 Earthing/forest bathing

1:00pm Lunch

2:30 Herbal Workshop

4:30 Yoga

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Live Music Celebration


8:30 Hydration station

9:30 Breakfast

11:30 closing ceremony

2pm-3:30 shuttle to Windham(if taking a bus)

*tentative schedule

If you or anyone you’ve interacted with experience any Covid-19 symptoms (including but not limited to fever, fatigue, dry cough or difficulty breathing) within 72 hrs of the retreat, please contact us